Daisys Creation is excited that you would like to receive a price estimate. The best way to accomplish a good price estimate is to speak on the phone so I can get a feel for what you are looking for


Some of the areas that you need to consider and try to communicate to me are:

1. Do you have a website that we could view to help us understand your product or service?

2. If you are wanting a product package design, please communicate the approximate number of layouts you want to see, the size and type of package, and whether it will become a family of products.

3. Briefly describe the product or service.

4. Describe whether you visualize an illustration, photography, or other type of graphics. Will you provide any of these or will we need to create them?

5. Do you have a budget?

6. Tell us about your competition.

7. If you are wanting a logo for a company, do you want a symbol or just an interesting design with your name?

Please call us, at 817. 964. 9685 so we can start the process and get an accurate price estimate.