Before I begin I just want to say thank you all for reading my work and sticking with me for the past year of All because of you. it has been fun so far. This is not a goodbye or anything, but I want to say that All because of you will be going on a hiatus but don’t worry I won’t be leaving you guys without something. I got inspired by a friend’s story and after endless pondering, i finally came up to the conclusion to do it which lead to this awesome image you are witnessing with your eyes. I am very excited because I’ve always wanted to work on a BL comic after my very first one in 2009. I really hope you guys check it out if you like exploring different Genres. Want to read Strings and Time click the image link below.
the website is still a being constructed so please be patient. and my patron is still up and running. it’s just going to focus on my Illustrations and sketches.

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