d538f6d8dd8cc197f00557ff3b9efdacI had a bit moment of doubt with my comic. It was as a really hard to shake off. Its not the lack of creativity but the lack of interest at some point. I have no idea why these things happen. I’ve always wondered how some artist and writers are able to be remain creative and continue to keep their attention on one story. It’s a very hard thing to do. Taking a couple of days to think was helpful I guess. I had previously worked on some pages so I had to keep away from illustrating. But I think it’s over now. I hope its over because I don’t like to start something and not finish 930651a3d688354c7dd50aae68b3c5c4

EDIT: Moon seem to handle this a bit better than I thought she would. and her father seems nice. And I’ve decided to post a description of words being used without meaning. you can always check the ” Algora” page which will give you a bit description of what some of those words mean. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t like when a comic has so much because after a while it gets confusing so I’m pretty sure these are all you need to know. I may add more in the future but as for right now, this is it.


Other Terms

Humans: indigenous people of earth. They have no power however, some have actually succeeded in getting power due to the capturing of Inhibitors and extracting their energy into a device then transferring that energy to themselves.


★SFI (Supernatural Force Investigation): An organization that makes it their mission to capture Inhibitors. Due to the high energy level Inhibitors possess, They believe this energy is equivelent to beams of high-energy radiation, called gamma-ray. However, it all depends on the Inhibitor.


★Inhibitors: Are supernatural being that live on earth. Over the years they have adapted to the society making it difficult to differentiate among humans. Inhibitors are known to be dangerous because of their supernatural ability and therefor hunted by the SFI. 

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